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Elevate Together
Supercharge Your Body

This lifestyle coaching package provides an opportunity to connect with others pursuing similar goals and learn from the experiences of like-minded people.

This intimate group (maximum 8 participants) will access access six coaching sessions over 12 weeks comprising of:

One x 90 minute initial coaching session then five x 60 minute, fortnightly coaching calls via Zoom.
Group Slack channel to communicate with your coach.
Email support in between calls.

This is your opportunity to design the healthy life you want and achieve it in a nurturing, safe, fun and supportive environment.

Together you will reach your potential, being champions of support for each another along the way.

Are you tired of being tired?

Do you go to bed exhausted and wake up feeling un-rested?

Are you juggling so many hats that your health and well-being has suffered?

Do you struggle to make meaningful connections and find it difficult to focus and remain in the present moment because there’s too much going on in your head?

I hear you. And I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you regain control of their energy, health and wellness. 

Imagine having the energy to do everything you need and want to in a day!

Imagine how it would feel to be calm, relaxed and rested as you wake each morning!

Imagine being able to prioritise your health and well-being without having to compromise your other responsibilities!

Imagine being fully present for yourself, your family and your work! You'll reconnect with yourself and those you spend time with.


Well, you don’t need to imagine, you can have it all and more! And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

It starts with strengthening your immune system and supercharging your body.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important when it comes to boosting energy levels and keeping our immune system strong; meaning more time can be spent focusing on the important things!

Join me as I take you on a holistic journey to reset your immune system and supercharge your mind and body. 

This is what we’ll cover:

  • Understanding how your immune system functions and what you can do to help it fight bacteria and viruses; say bye-bye to those days of being run-down!

  • The scientific research behind immunity, and how it’s linked with optimum health and longevity of life; allowing you to live life fully.

  • The benefits from embracing new behaviours and introducing variety in your meals; small changes that will make 100% difference to your energy, gut-health, skin and overall health.

  • Creating a bedtime routine that will support sleep, the body’s recovery functions and will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

  • Exercises you can add to your workout to boost your immune system; keeping you physically fit and mentally strong.

  • Foods to adopt in your diet that will increase your intake of nutrients; a vital element for supporting your immune system and giving you energy to leap out of bed each day!

  • How to create a healthy life that keeps you energized, motivated and in control of your health, especially during the cold & flu season.

  • Practical ways to boost your immunity in your daily activities; quick, easy and simple things you can do each day.

  • Supercharge your immune system with our 21-day plan; I give you everything there is to know! Watch and feel the transformation begin!

  • 8 delicious recipes that will support your immune system, boost your energy levels and reduce inflammation in your body; say goodbye to bloating, the 3pm slump and short-term energy fixes!

  • 6 supplements that are essential to improve your body’s immunity and supercharge your body.

  • 2 simple ways to manage your daily stress and increase your immunity; say hello to feeling calm, relaxed and in control of your energy and emotions.

  • Successful techniques to detoxify your body of harmful antigens; making your body an immunity powerhouse.

  • Customized activities that will help you apply the changes right away and start improving your immune system; say yes to more energy, improved sleep, higher motivation and more time for the things you love.

  • 6 things to avoid if you want to stay healthy; it’s all about long and healthy lives here!

  • And so much more!

* This course is not a substitute for professional medical and/or healthcare advice.

You are encouraged to speak with your healthcare professional before you change, start or stop any part of your healthcare plan, including physical activity, exercise or supplement intake. 
The information provided in this course is for informational and educational purposes only and although it may be helpful, it cannot and does not replace the professional diagnosis and treatment you might need from a qualified medical or healthcare professional.

Elevate your immunity. Supercharge your body.

Enjoying the Nature

Elevate Together
Overcoming Anxiety from A to whY

What we cover:

You and your anxiety - how to overcome your 'stuck' points;
Proven clinical therapy technique to address what's triggering your anxieties;
Understanding the mind  & body connection 
5 simple & easy steps to break through obstacles in life;
A simple & effective journaling technique to overcome anxiety;
How to act on your fears to become unstoppable; 
How to rewrite your life script & turn it into reality;
How to identify the belief systems that stop you from taking action and acknowledging distorted thoughts;
11 common bodily symptoms & signs of anxiety that you need to recognise and understand;
Why avoiding your fears will only make it worse;
9 practical steps to act on your fears to become the best version of yourself;
How to accept and release past pain and trauma from your memory;
How to reframe your mind from negative obsessions that cause deep anxious feelings;
How perfectionism & borrowed expectations can lead to burn-out & trigger anxiety;
Understand why you need to reward yourself;
Quick-fixes to rise from setbacks by using super-effective tips

Elevate your mind. Elevate your life.

Floating Bubble

Elevate Together
Secret steps to unlocking joy

About this course:
The truth is, it's not just yourself that will benefit from the teachings in this course - everyone around you will. Whether it's your family, your partner, your friends, your colleagues, your clients or other people you spend time with. As soon as they start to see a shift in your thoughts and actions, it will ultimately impact them in a positive way. A way that sparks joy.
Joy plays a very important role in life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is believed that when we experience joy, our soul experiences true peace, fulfillment, freedom, and love.
In today's often hectic world and way of life, true joy is something that many of us experience far too seldom. This is usually because of what I like to call the two main culprits - fear and stress. This course is going to highlight how fear and stress may be taking over your life, but more importantly, how we can move past them by creating more moments which spark true joy and align us with our purpose and passion - ultimately uncovering your WHY.

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