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Mental Fitness Workshop

We are making EVERY DAY 'Are you ok day' in Australian businesses, schools, sporting club & homes.

Service Description

Support us in supporting you and your team. We are in the business of making “Are you ok day”, EVERY day. Every business, every school and every sporting organisation has an obligation to look after its people, not only physically, but mentally. Collectively, we have more than 25 years’ experience and over the last 7 years, we have assisted more than 7,000 people in becoming mentally fit. We’ve created a bespoke training system that identifies and works to eliminate mental health hardships in the workplace, which enhances organisational culture, improves relationships and boosts productivity. When you partner with us, it also goes back to the community through our Pay It Forward program. Although each of our workshops are tailored to the industry and organisation, below is a snapshot of what our Corporate Mental Fitness Workshops cover: • How to become a mentally healthy organisation; • How to build neural pathways with our Elevated Mindsets™ approach; • Scientific ways that mental fitness Increases focus, clarity and enhances perspective; • How to build organisational culture, connection and community while improving performance & productivity; • Learn multiple tools, techniques and mental fitness strategies to boost your overall health and wellbeing Through an engaging and dynamic delivery mode, our workshops are suitable for managers, leaders and teams of up to 30 people. Participants leave our workshops feeling empowered and inspired. Online delivery options are also available to ensure teams in the field have access to this specialist care service. Most of our clients prefer to opt in for our 6-session series, however we are also available for 1-off events. Together, we will make “Are you ok day”, EVERY day.


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