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6-Month Leadership | Mentorship Program

Our ultimate transformation series for aspiring leaders & mentors. 1:1 Online | In-person

Service Description

This is our ultimate leadership coaching program where you will work with your coach 1:1, with a tailored mentorship program to suit your personal needs. This is where impactful and influential leaders are developed. You will access fortnightly coaching sessions during a 6-month period. 1 x online Enneagram Assessment. One x 90 minute initial coaching session then fortnightly coaching sessions (up to 75 minutes each). Personalized Slack channel to communicate with your coach. Email support in between calls. Available online via Zoom or in-person for Perth clients. Our coaches have worked for many years in senior leadership roles, and are driven by a desire to help aspiring leaders: - Build confidence in your leadership ability and develop effective decision-making skills; - Discover your unique leadership style and how this influences the way you lead your team; - Breakthrough limiting beliefs and step into the elevated mindsets; - Gain clarity about the next steps (this will depend on your personal goals); - Increase motivation and accountability to take action when it’s needed; and - Implement tools and techniques to help you become an impactful and influential leader and get the best out of your people As we develop your belief systems, build your resilience and re-program your mindset along the journey, you will make a greater positive impact on your people and the organisation. Nothing changes if nothing changes. This is your opportunity to experience life as an influential leader. Your coaches: Sandra Stoitis Daniel Stoitis


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