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Each October we recognise Mental Health Awareness Month.

Yes, there's a dedicated month, but mental health is something that needs our ongoing attention and something that you know I am so passionate about.

I'm hosting a free Men's Mental Fitness Webinar, where a group of like-minded guys will come together to chat, listen, observe and know they're not alone.

I'm going to show you the importance of how mental fitness is equally important as physical fitness and I'll teach you a few mindset re-framing techniques along the way.

More than anything, this is a safe space for us guys to band together.

No judgement.

No ego.

No bullshit.

Just real, raw topics and techniques to be taught.

If you've been feeling stressed, are worried about life situations, feel as though you can't get ahead, struggling with anxiety, or you just want to connect with a great bunch of guys - this is for you.

I hope you can join me and we can make mental health awareness an ongoing subject, not just something during the month of October.


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