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Experience the difference.


Sandra Headshot.png

Sandra is a holistic health practitioner and ICF life coach who supports and encourages individuals, families and communities to achieve improved health and wellness outcomes. 

As a high-performance mindset coach, Sandra's focus is on restoring harmony across all 3 pillars of wellness: mind, body & spirit.

Don't let her love of well-being fool you though. Sandra is a kick-ass business chick who knows how to achieve and is passionate about guiding others to achieve their goals.

With a corporate background in Sales, Marketing, Management & Executive Recruitment, Sandra is the Owner & Operator of Perth's renowned Holistic Health & Wellness Centre, and The Elevated Living Co. group of companies.

As a leader in her field, Sandra is your coach for:

Holistic Lifestyle & Health Coaching

High-Performance Mindset Coaching

Small Business & Leadership Coaching

Career Coaching & Mentoring

Sandra is available for speaking events and was thrilled to be one of the keynote speakers at the 2023 Voices of Women Virtual Summit for International Women's Day.
Her signature talk is "Confessions of a Leader: how to inspire through accountability and connection".

Sandra is also a best-selling Amazon author with her book "Elephant in the Womb: how to change direction when life doesn't go to plan" reaching number one in three categories. The book also saw Sandra win first prize at the 2022 International Book Awards.

She is also the proud recipient of the 2022 Bronze Stevie Award for Asia Pacific, in the category of Innovative Achievement in International Expansion.

In 2022 Sandra was a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards and in 2023, The Elevated Living Co. is a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards in the Business Services category.

Her mission is simple, and that is to leave a positive impact on people’s lives so that they can realize their true potential.


Dan Headshot 1.png

Daniel is a well-rounded, certified ICF life coach whose skill set comes from his expertise and passion for self-development, growth and mental health.  

In addition to his Management career in Sales and Training, Daniel is one of the Directors here at ELC and he also heads The Elevated Sales Co & The Elevated Sports Co.

Daniel works with individuals, communities, small business and corporate organizations, where his focus on mental fitness guides and supports his coaching areas of expertise.

Outside of the workplace, a huge chunk of Daniel's life was spent involved in semi and professional level football - both as a player and coach. His ability to guide elite athletes to achieve high-performance success, is testament to his skill, focus and ability to deliver unparalleled bespoke training sessions. 

Daniel is the ideal mentor.

As an expert in his field, Daniel is your coach for:

Men's Mental Fitness Coaching

Elite Sport & Performance Coaching
Dynamic Sales Coaching
Workplace Coaching & Training
Leadership & Management Consulting

If this sounds like the life coach you're after, Dan's the man as we like to say around here!


Tara Headshot.png

With over 18 years’ of experience, Tara Stone is a Hypnotherapist with a client base spanning the globe, from her home town of Perth, to the US and Europe.

Tara delivers a welcoming practical approach to therapy, assisting her clients with a tailored and realistic goal system and ultimately giving them the tools to transform their lives. Her approach grows from her teachings from coaches like Tony Robbins, Joe Dispaneza and Rick Collingwood.

Combining her wealth of knowledge from past and continual educational learning as well as her massive experience as a hypnotherapist, Tara is a warm, effective and concise solution-based coach who can support and transform a wide range of mental health conditions.

Tara specialises in Depression and Anxiety, but also treats:





Fears & Phobias

Sports performance

Goal setting and success

Tara aims to help you reach the deepest depths of your unconscious mind and unlock your own transformational power from within. 

The possibilities are endless.


Sallie_Bio Headshot_2023_edited.jpg

Sallie is a confident, empathetic and inspiring mentor who is motivated by empowering women post-divorce, so they can take control of their finances.

Following a decade working with an elite airline, Sallie relocated to Perth in 2003 and this change of scenery was the catalyst for a career change.

Within her first two years in the banking industry, Sallie joined Senior Management and the rest is history.

Sallie's awards are a reflection of her superior commitment and dedication to achieving client objectives:

2022 ANZ Franchisee of the Year (National Winner)

2022 Diamond Star Franchisee Winner

2019, 2020, 2021 5-Star Gold ANZ Franchisee Winner

Sallie was married for 29 years and is blessed with 2 amazing kids; Laura who works in a government role, and Ryan who become a joint co-owner Franchisee in 2022.

Following her divorce, Sallie was guided to mentor women as they wander the new, unchartered territory of divorce.

Through Sallie's mentorship program, she has positively impacted the lives of dozens of women; inspiring them to become their best selves and empowering them to gain control of their finances.

Sallie is the ideal partner to:

Help you recover, rebuild and thrive post-divorce

Help you create safe and peaceful structures in your immediate environment

Cultivate a new vision and achieve short-term goals

Support you in seeking legal, financial and professional advice

Maintain your focus on moving forward in life

Guide you to financial security

Sallie will be your guide, your cheerleader and ultimate post-divorce mentor - all through lived and learned experience.


Renae Headshot 2.jpeg

Renae is a certified life coach who is passionate about training and supporting women to build self-worth and create the vision of life that you desire, are worthy of and is waiting for you.


Through her mentorship program, Renae uncovers the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from stepping into your greatness. Understanding these beliefs and their origin, allows for better control of your thoughts, emotions and actions; opening you to complete clarity on your life vision.

With a personal development journey that includes the likes of training in person with Tony Robbins and Joe Dispenza, Renae takes a holistic approach to making your life vision become an abundant reality.


Alongside her coaching journey, Renae has always had an interest in business and wealth creation. From managing a clothing store at age 17 to running a multi-million dollar building company and expanding her property portfolio, Renae believes everyone is worthy of living a life they love, and that is what drives her to support as many women as possible to live abundantly; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Your life-by-design begins now.




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