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How We Change Lives?

Our Signature Method allows us to unlock unprecedented change & growth from within

We’ve supported so many amazing humans across a broad range of industries – from athletes to corporate executives, to entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

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Develop a resilient and growth-oriented attitude in order to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.


Elevate your ideas, actions, and outcomes to achieve greater levels of achievement and fulfilment.


Adopt a tried-and-true approach and methodology to help you achieve long-term growth and transformation.

Elevation Mindset Method™

The Elevated Living Co Registered IP

The Elevated Sales Co.

Our Focus:

Developing Your Leaders

Elevating Teams + Team Culture

Team Building for Peak Performance + Wellness

Workplace Training + Assessment

HR Support

A Unique Set Of Skills

Mind, Body, Leadership and Business.

The Elevated Living Co.

Our Focus:

Mind Health Training

Becoming a High Performer

Building Resilience

Health + Wellness Support

Men’s Health Support

The Elevated Sports Co.

Our Focus:

Building Resilience

Goal Setting + Achievement

Coaching Programs for Developing Athletes

Team Building for Peak Performance + Wellness

Recovery + Self Care

We Solve Real Problems For Real People

How can we support you today?

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Get ready for an engaging and transformative 60-minute session designed to elevate your team’s performance + wellbeing.

Dynamic Activities, Expert Facilitation, Focus on Wellbeing, Tailored to Your Needs & Morning or Afternoon Tea Included

Team Building for Peak Performance + Wellbeing
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Discover the power of a balanced mind with our engaging 60-minute Mind Health workshop, designed to promote mental resilience + wellbeing.

Interactive Learning, Expert Guidance, Focus on Wellbeing, Customisable Content & Morning or Afternoon Tea Included

Mind Health: An Interactive Workshop
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Empower your leaders (+ future leaders) with our impactful 60-minute workshop.

Practical Leadership Training, Expert Facilitation, Focus on Growth, Customisable Content & Morning or Afternoon Tea Included

Developing Your Leaders
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Elevate your team’s performance with our Elite Performance Coaching, designed specifically for sporting clubs.

Expert Coaching, High-Impact Training, Mind Health + Resilience, Recovery Strategies & Supportive Environment

Elite Performance + Sports Coaching
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Prioritise the wellbeing of the men in your organisation with our comprehensive Men’s Health Support workshop.

Expert Facilitation, Holistic Health Education, Focus on Wellbeing, Supportive Environment & Real + Simple Tools + Techniques for Everyday Life

Men’s Health Support
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Strengthen and elevate your relationship with our Couple’s Architect Program, a series of relationship coaching sessions designed by experienced + qualified therapists.

Customised Coaching, Expert Therapists, Supportive Environment, Holistic Approach & Comprehensive Sessions

Couples Architect Program
Meet Our Clients

The Elevated Experience.

"Mental health is something we all need to talk about and the way Daniel and Sandra deliver their presentation hits all the notes. My team benefited immensely from this training, so much so that we have now committed to 4 presentations a year.

I highly recommend The Elevated Living Co. and in particular Daniel and Sandra."

Steph D'angelo

"They deliver what they promise and more. Sandra and Daniel delivered an impactful and insightful Mental Fitness workshop to our team, teaching us easy-to-implement tools and strategies that are relevant for personal and professional situations.

Our team was engaged with the hands-on method of delivery and the true-to-life examples made the experience so much more personal."

Kathy Griffith

"The Best Investment Of Time And Money. Dan Delivers An Elite Program And I Can't Recommend Enough Working With Him. You'll Push Harder Than You Ever Have And You'll Achieve More Than You Thought Possible. He's A Top Bloke Too. "

Liam Crowe

"Daniel has been as asset to our leadership and training team. This was our first time engaging an external consultant and from the offset, we were impressed with Daniel's research of our organisation, his dedication to understanding our objectives and the subsequent successful execution of his deliverables.

We look forward to engaging Daniel again for future team PD requirements."

Jovan Nikolovski

"The Best Investment I Have Ever Made. After Putting Everyone Else First, I Decided Enough Was Enough And Knew I Had To Make Changes. This Course Delivered Everything Sandra Promised And More."

Zoe Tremblay

"After Stepping Away From My Career To Raise Our 3 Beautiful Boys, I Found Myself More Than A Little Lost. Sandra's Program Helped Me Rediscover Who I Am And I Can't Wait To Get Started With What's Ahead."

Nathalie Anand
Dan and Sandra smiling together in their home
We Are The Elevated Living Co.

Building Mentally Resilient Leaders, Individuals And Athletes

Elite support to unlock unimaginable potential within yourself, your team and your leaders

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